You can play online casino in two types, the first mode is you can download the application which is free of cost and another is paid in which you have to make deposits. Generally, people believe that free applications are not worthful to play but this is what is true. But yes true, third-party applications of online casino are not trustable but there those which are free can be trusted because they have the same feature, interface and other options, means you can practice the game just like you are playing in the original casino.
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The basic difference is that you cannot earn real money from any bonuses through free online casino applications because it does not require any money deposition too. But one thing that you can get in place of real money or rewards is the points. These points can be reused just like a deposition. You can also get the points in the form of slots; therefore you can use them whenever you have a fear of losing the game. The players in a free online casino would be beginners, and that is the best thing to practice online casino.

Avoid consuming alcohol

The pro players or the gamblers in the casino are generally addicted to alcohol because when they play in bars and restaurant they keep consuming it, so if you are among them and have recently started playing online casino, then you should avoid consuming alcohol because you can get a hangover which can make you lose and at the same time you will lose your money too.

 Alcohol can create a big issue if you are consuming it while playing online casino and if you are playing it in a public place, it can cause you even more legal issues, as alcohol with the casino is illegal.

Coupons as bonuses

If you cannot earn the money, you can earn some coupons and vouchers through an online casino because many sources provide applications of lots of brands that can be regarding shopping, food, etc. Though you can redeem the voucher whenever you visit the respective brands’ store where you can get ample discount on products. You can get these types of bonuses in the free applications too.

Other than this, you can also win bonuses in form of extra slots just by sending an invitation to your contacts to download the same application to play online casino. It can also be won by signing in too.

Best sources suggestions

Playing source of online casino matters a lot and applications are given more priorities by the population of the casino as the interface and features are easier to understand as compared to the website. Here are some of the pre-eminent applications for online casinos such as Intertops, Red dog casino, wild casino, Vegas online casino, etc.

 There are no disadvantages of these applications as such but one needs to have an excellent quality of the network, so that your device so not lag and make you lose the game.